Preeti Faridkot is running for Vancouver School Board Trustee with ABC Vancouver. She has been actively involved in serving the community since she arrived in Canada as an immigrant, discussing the concerns and issues of teachers and parents in the community has motivated and encouraged her to run for the office.

Preeti believes in community service, and has been a proactive advocate for her community for over 12 years. As a Trustee, she will maintain a focus on student achievements and well-being, and will advocate for safety around schools. Her goal is to ensure students are provided with a top-quality education in a nurturing environment.

Preeti is a mother of three and is currently working with the Richmond School District. She has first-hand experience with the issues that children and parents face within the school system. She is passionate the importance of building a solid base in early education.

In the past, Preeti has worked for a non-profit agency (S.U.C.C.E.S.S.) helping new immigrants settle in Canada. She has provided guidance and support to many newcomer families with multiple issues that they face daily and helped them get settled in Canada by connecting them with the local community connections.